jeudi 8 août 2013

Interview of French Puzzlists

This is my first post in English ! I made it to inform the no-french followers that the translation of our meeting in April is available. You can see us in this video :

All the work to make this translation is made by Guillaume Largounez.

Thanks a lot for Guillaume who had passed all his nights to translate this meeting !
You will see in this meeting (right to left) :
  • Philippe CICHON (member of the association : "Les Passionnés du bois" -oodcraft's enthousiasts in english)
  • Thomas RUSSIER (Member of TRICHE and the main interviewer)
  • Christian BLAINVILLAIN (Mathematician and designer of Quadratum Cubicum)
  • Stéphane CHOMINE (Well-knowed puzzle's designer)
  • Maurice VIGOUROUX (High skilled wood craftsman)
  • Gregory BENEDETTI (Craftsman and designer)
  • Guillaume LARGOUNEZ (Puzzle enthusiast and collector)
  • Myself : Jean-Baptiste JACQUIN (Collector and seller)

You can find above a selection of links and pictures because it’s maybe difficult for you to find all the puzzles and links than we have spoken. It's in the same order as they are displayed in the video.

DEADELUS : created by Gregory and crafted by Maurice. A lot of movement and rotation in a little space. 
INSIDE3 : Puzzles made-in-France, created by 2 geek’s culture enthusiasts. They will be on sale in no time. They are a little late ............... if they read this post : I WANT MY CUBES !!! lol

TRUZZLE : One beautiful puzzle display on the table. Also made in France.

TIROS : the difficult puzzle about our discussion. Made by Maurice and first resolved by Guillaume. Available on ARTELUDES 

BI-CONE : One of the beautiful puzzle made by VINCO. His webshop is here
NICKEL BOX : a beautiful puzzle crafted in ebony by Maurice VIGOUROUX. Available on ARTELUDES

FUSION 1 : crafted by Maurice (a design by Logan KLEINWAKS). Available on ARTELUDES.   

BLIND BURR : A creation of Gregory, crafted by Maurice. I really like this puzzle. Unfortunately, it's not available. I had pass the last i have to Christian after our meeting. 

ISHINO'S webpage : PUZZLES WILL BE PLAYED. Thanks to him to maintain this page. 

 QUADRATUM CUBICUM : The great mathematical puzzle created by Christian BLANVILLAIN. You must try it !
IPP : My dream is to be invited to this meeting. 

ARTELUDES : my little web-store. You will find some extraordinary puzzle here, and i’m modest about this lol

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  1. ...and it (Blind Burr) will be returned with "Jeux & Stratégie" magazines next time we meet!

    Thanks again and all the best,